is proud to offer quality instruction in following a lineage of inspirational teachers from both Canada and Japan, adept in the art of . Kōkkikan Dōjō is a registered with the All Japan Karatedō Federation (JKF) Renbukai.

佐藤 ジェラリド Jared Sato Sensei (Sandan/3rd Degree - Renbukai Karate; Nidan/2nd Degree - Ryūkū Kobudō)


Jared Sato Sensei, Kokkikan Dojo, Courtenay, BC

Jared Sato Sensei began practicing in 2003, and achieved in 2011 under the careful tutelage of his teachers Glen Smith Sensei and Rob Kirik Sensei from the Kantō Shō Karate Club in Calgary, Alberta. He currently holds the rank of sandan (3rd degree black belt), registered with the All Japan Karatedō Federation (JKF) Renbukai, as well as nidan (2nd degree black belt) as a practitioner of Ryūkū Kobudō Tesshinkan (traditional Okinawan weapons system). Jared Sato Sensei maintains connection with Kikumura Sensei of the Atsugi Branch in Kanagawa, Japan, and has travelled to Japan to train and compete at the All Japan Full Contact (Bōgu) Karate Tournament Renbukai.

Personal Story & Philosophy

I began practicing martial arts at a very early age in 1985. Throughout the years I explored different disciplines and styles of martial arts including: , , , , , and . It wasn’t until 2003 that I came across , and since then I have never looked back. I value both the traditional and practical aspects of the practice, and I believe to be an ideal blend of these 2 elements.

Jared Sato, Glen Smith, Rob Kirik
Glen Smith Sensei (left) & Rob Kirik Sensei (right)
Jared Sato competing with sais (Ryūkū Kobudō Tesshinkan)
Jared Sato practicing Ryūkū Kobudō Tesshinkan

Team Canada at the 2014 All-Japan Full Contact Karate Tournament with Kanahara Sensei (front left) and Kikumura Sensei (front right)
Jared Sato, 2012
Jared Sato in 2012

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