Kōkkikan Dōjō is based out of Ki Fitness & Health in Courtenay, BC, accessible to all communities in and around the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island. Our (training hall) is a modest, private, traditional setting. All necessary training equipment is available (protective gear, striking pads, heavy bags, etc.), plus students have supervised access to a fully equipped fitness studio in the adjoining room. Kōkkikan Dōjō is a registered with the All Japan Karatedō Federation (JKF) Renbukai.

道場訓 Dōjō Kun (Dōjō Precepts)

All Japan Karatedō Federation
Kōkkikan Dōjō
Dōjō Kun
First, to practice , we must never forget that we always begin and end
with respect and courtesy.
First, to practice karatedō, we must seek peace and harmony among all people.
First, to practice karatedō, we must develop discipline and self-control.

礼儀 Reigi (Etiquette)

The goal is peace without incidence. Chōjun Miyagi –
Founder of Gōjū-ryū karate

Kōkkikan Dōjō is a traditional following the examples and teachings of instructors throughout time, both in Canada and Japan – we treat the traditions, space, and each other with respect.

  • Bow upon entering and exiting the practice area.
  • No shoes on the floor – practice is barefoot.
  • Everyone is responsible to ensure the is clean, tidy and safe at all times.
  • Address all black belt instructors as during class.
  • Address all green through brown belt instructors as during class.
  • Students green belt and up may be asked to teach a minimum of once/month.
  • Raise hand to ask a question during class.
  • Talking kept to a minimum – no profanity or abusive language.
  • No horseplay or roughhousing.
  • Shorts/athletic pants and t-shirt can be worn.
  • For continued practice a (uniform) is recommended.
  • All training attire kept clean.
  • No strong or offensive fragrances or smells.
  • No gum or jewelry (watches, rings, etc.).
  • Glasses can be worn, but contacts recommended if possible.
  • Fingernails and toenails kept short.
  • Hand protection supplied for non-contact sparring.
  • Cups and mouth-guards are not provided and are optional.
  • All cell phones turned off.

If you would like to come down for a tour of our , please contact us anytime to arrange a visit, or to schedule your free classes to give us a try!