means “empty hand” and means “path” or “way”. Therefore, the literal translation of is “the way of the empty hand.” However, can be considered more than just a way of combat or self-defense, and for the serious (karate practitioner), is a way of life.


錬武会空手 Renbukai Karate

Courtenay, BC karate

is a traditional style of that literally translates to “the association to forge the martial way”. does not have one single founder in its history. Instead, over time, it developed into an organization of martial artists of varying disciplines. Eventually it evolved into the practice it is today; integrates all aspects of practice, but is a unique system in that it developed and utilizes (armor) to allow for a more realistic approach to training and competition. is an ideal blend of tradition and practicality in .

The Way is not meant as a way of fighting. It is a path on which you travel to find your own inner peace and harmony. It is yours to seek and find. Hironori Ōtsuka –
Founder of Wadō-ryū karate

空手 Rekishi (A Brief History of Karatedō and Renbukai)

The exact origin of the martial arts remains uncertain. Lacking in historical evidence, details of the growth and spread of the martial arts have often been derived through myth and speculation. However, fragments of information suggest the martial arts began to develop in the ancient civilizations of India and China sometime between the 5th century BC and the 3rd century AD. Believed to be largely developed under Buddhist influence, over time the martial arts were introduced into popular Chinese culture. Eventually, through trade and commerce, these arts found their way to the small Pacific island of Okinawa.


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