Kokkikan Dojo - Renbukai Karate

Women's Karate (18yrs+)
Includes Women's Specific Self-Defense

Traditional Karatedō, Fitness & Practical Self-Defense

Classes are progressive, challenging and rewarding. Steeped in tradition, the atmosphere is positive, respectful, and light. We practice for enjoyment, with full spirit, and dedicate ourselves to improvement – physical, mental, and technical. We commit our best effort, train effectively, and leave renewed.

授業 Jugyō (Classes / Lessons)

  • Instructional
    Tuesdays & Thursdays   7:15 - 8:45pm
    •   6:45 - 7:15pm
  • Guided Open Practice (All Levels)
    Fridays   4:30 - 6:30pm (Arrive & Leave Anytime)

* (Supplementary Training) - supervised access to fully equipped fitness studio.

Small Class Sizes for Greater Individual Attention
$120/Month (All In)
All Levels Welcome

Serious inquiries receive a complimentary private intro lesson & 2 weeks of free classes. Contact us now. Try our dōjō. No obligations.

稽古 Keiko (The Practice)

基本 Kihon (Basics/Fundamentals)

  • Stances, Footwork, Blocks/Receiving Techniques, Punches, Strikes, Kicks, Sweeps, and More

Kata (Forms)

  • Improve Posture, Balance, Coordination, Speed, and Power
  • Active meditation

組手 Kumite (Partner Training / Sparring)

  • Explore Applications of Techniques
  • Sharpen Reflexes and Offensive/Defensive Skills
  • Develop Distancing, Timing, Rhythm, and Positioning
  • (Non-Contact) & (Armored, Full-Contact)
    • is Unique to Renbukai
    • Protected, Controlled, Full-Contact Training (Optional)
    • Safely Explore and Experience the Realistic and True Affect of Techniques

護身術 Goshin Jutsu (Self-Defense)

  • Learn Practical Techniques + Awareness, Avoidance and Prevention Strategies
  • Understand Motives, Psychological and Physiological Responses to Violence

補助運動 Hojo Undō (Supplementary Exercise/Training)

  • (Preparatory/Warm-Up Exercise)
    • Overall Conditioning, Strength and Flexibility
  • (Training with Equipment)
    • Supervised Access to Fully Equipped Fitness Studio

先生 Sensei (Teacher)

佐藤 ジェラリド Jared Sato

  • Over 30yrs. Martial Arts Experience – Renbukai Karate Since 2003
  • Registered Black Belt with the All Japan Karatedō Federation Renbukai
  • Certified Personal Trainer & Yoga Instructor

克己 Kōkki



Hall; Building

克己館 Kōkkikan

"A Place to Seek True Victory – Victory Over Oneself"

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